Thursday, May 4

Blogger's remorse

I'm sitting here in bed wondering what in the heck I began. Honestly. I don't have enough time to spend with my kids, keep the house clean, keep in touch with precious friends, and yet I blog. I guess the peer pressure has finally gotten to me. I start getting hooked on two friends' sites, and suddenly that little [evil] voice in my head says, "Go for it, Danielle. I mean, you were an English teacher after all. You have things to say." Well, the verdict is definitely still out on that one, but it does seem to be a bit of a release, even if blogging may in fact cause more guilt than glee.

My husband is enjoying "Guy's Night." I'm not exactly sure what that means (much different things to different guys, I'm sure), but I know he needed it, so I will be sleeping soundly while he watches the midnight showing of Mission Impossible 3. I really do love that man of mine. A true gift from above. Granted, his burping, farting, sporting, hunting, and fantasy baseballing drive me CRAZY on my bad days, but the list of positives could go on much longer. Since, however, many (I'm thinking Ashli, Kathy, Beth and many others) would puke with the sappiness, I will refrain from the list. He's about to switch jobs. It's hard for me, but I can't imagine what it's like for him. Imagine being known as Karl Black, youth pastor for eleven years and then that being gone. Man! I mean, no longer being known as a "youth pastor's wife" is even throwing me for a loop. What do I do with that?? Now I'm a pastor's wife! Does that mean floral print dresses and kids that sit calmly in the front pew whenever the church doors are open? I sure hope not. Karl will be fired from Crossroads before the first service is over. I guess I'll just be me. That will have to do. I mean, yeah, I may stick my foot in my mouth too much, act a little unconventional, and have three adorable--but slightly unruly--preschoolers, but Jesus loves me, so hopefully our new church will too! Wait 'til they see me dance :)


crock said...

hey Danielle - saw your comment on Ashli's blog and thought I'd check yours out. Hope you are all doing well. Take care - and thanks for being there for Ashli - so glad I actually get to do my "friend duties" in the next couple of weeks!

Schmanny said...

Thanks, Kelli. Ashley is so excited. What a great suggestion on your part. And what do you mean you "actually get to do my 'friend duties'"--you've been doing them for a month when the rest of us are sleeping and our precious friend has insomnia!!!

Cary said...

HI Danielle!
I'm not sure if you remember me - it's Cary Schwartz :)
I was so excited to see that you started a blog - maybe I can reconnect with you! I know you are a busy woman, though! I hope you are well and I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

Schmanny said...

Cary, I got your phone number today from Ash. Was going to tell you about a "suprise" party for Karl tomorrow (just found out they were doing this today) where they're trying to invite all these people that have been a part (through youth or sponsors) of the ministry over the past 7 years. Wish you were closer and could come. I called Leah and left a message for her to tell you. Talk to you again...thanks for reading!