Wednesday, May 17

The loves of my life

Children are amazing things. They are all unique and yet, so often, have incredible similarities. And they are all beautiful. I thought I would show you a picture of me with our three beautiful boys. Braden is almost 5, Nikolas "Kole" is 3, and Owen is 10 mos. This picture was taken at Kole's family birthday celebration. I loved that weekend. Being the child of a social worker and a reader myself, I have often heard about the battles a middle child must endure. I know that Kole will struggle to find his place in between an older, intelligent brother and an adorable baby. But the weekend of his third birthday, Kole was king. He got to go to the Chick-File with the playground. Then, he got to go to Build-a-Bear with the friend of his choice (Ryan-who-doesn't-talk-very-much), brother, Grandma Pat, and the Phillips' family (Matt, Heidi, Sophie, and Anna). He chose to make a SpiderMan dog, and even though big brother wanted the same thing, he was the one that got first pick since it was his special day. Finally, Grandma Beth and Grandad Ed came over for cake and presents. The following day, we had a "family" party with Uncle Justin, (almost) Aunt Erica, Grandma and Grandad Great, Ashli and Corlissa, Aunt Alyssa, and the family from the day before (-the Phillips') Sidenote: I actually cooked for everyone. This in itself shows incredible progress on my journey of motherhood/homemaking!!! He was beaming the whole day. Everyone was there just for him...not to mention that he got some sweet-Daddy presents. What a blessing for him--and for me to watch. I love that boy.
There are days when I look at my life and think, "Why is it so busy?" I am, after all, a stay-at-home mom! But then I look at this picture and think, "How could I even think that?!? I am, after all, a stay-at-home mom!!!!" (With no house cleaner, nanny, preschool (as of today at 12:30), I might add) Of course my life is going to be busy. Of course I'm going to struggle to maintain friendships, keep the house clean, not lose my patience, stay involved at church, with neighbors, etc. But, oh the joy. This season comes only once. Braden is starting pre-kindergarten in the fall, and that is the beginning of my boys becoming fully independent. How has 5 years of motherhood gone by so quickly? I know I will constantly battle to keep my priorities straight, but it's worth it, if I can look back at these days and know that here the foundation was laid for a lifetime of family memories.

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Baker said...


You don't know me, but I know you through Ashli. I work with her at memorial. I found your blog through her link and will now add it to my favorites! (no pressure!) I also started a blog a year ago with the intention of using it as a journal/poetry to God and a tribute to my husband and daughter (you can click on my name and visit if you like). My husband was a youth pastor for two years and besides getting TP'd way too much, it was an exciting time. In addition to praying for Ashli, I will add your family to my prayer list as you make the transition to the new church. It was nice to meet you through your blog! I see why Ashli loves you so much!