Wednesday, October 24

Our first fundraiser!

This is the add my brother put together (along with sections of the letter we're sending to family and friends that will be on the back of the postcard) for the fundraiser he's doing for our family. I can't believe how wonderful he is! He even figured out how to put this on my blog and add the fundraiser section at the bottom of the page since I'm so crazy computer clueless!!!! Feel free to check it out. He's really hopefully about the outcome since 100% of profits go to us...I know we've really used his business in the past for Bibleman paraphernalia (really cheesy, but the boys love it), Narnia, and Veggie Tales stuff around birthdays and Christmas! Not to mention, I've ordered some great books at really great prices this way, too. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always e-mail/call and my experience has been he's been able to find what you're looking for! One more way we feel loved!


shell said...

very cool! what a great fundraiser. you have such a nice brother!

jeny said...

I love his site! We will definately keep this in our favorites . . .Birthdays and Christmas are coming up!