Saturday, October 27

Some very bad--yet creative--parenting

This week felt very stressful, yet full of joy at the same time. Here are some highlights:
  • Here's my recollection of the toothfairy mishap: Braden lost his third tooth at school. As soon as he got home, we put it in the little holder by his bed. Then, I promptly forgot about it. The next morning, Braden came into our room with this horribly sad look on his face: "The toothfairy didn't come." You can imagine how I felt. So, with some very quick thinking, I said something like, "Oh, honey, I'm sure she came! Maybe she just got confused." (As I'm saying this, my back is turned and I'm frantically getting into my dish that has money in it and counting out $2.00). As Braden is explaining that he's checked around and it's no where, I'm signaling/whispering to Karl to "Think of something!" Karl hops out of bed with the money hidden in his hand and goes into Braden room. Let's just say the money is found underneath the pillow of the extra bed in Braden's room, and with the tooth still in it's holder. We chaulked it up to a "toothfairy in training." WHEW
  • There were people at our house for meals Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.
  • Karl was gone from early morning til 10:30+ Tuesday night.
  • Karl was gone until 8:45ish Wednesday night...our friends showed up for some "Settlers of Catan" around 9:15. This was after I'd been babysitting another friends' little ones (6 and 3) for our monthly babysitting swap from about 5:30-8:30.
  • I subbed on Friday. As soon as I got home, the boys left for a guy's camping evening. It was supposed to be a camping overnight (with some other dads/sons from our old church, but because of how busy the weekend was, Karl decided to come home)
  • That night, I got to go out with my precious friend Jenna for some Chipotle, shopping, and coffee (what a great way to relieve stress!)
  • This morning, we had pictures for the boys at church at 10:30. We were home for about an hour and left for a "tree ceremony" for our Ashli. I helped lead music and Karl prepared a little talk (only realizing after we got there that it was only a closing prayer!) It was a really special time organized by Kelly of remembering and laughter some of the great Ashli moments.
  • Now, Braden is sitting on my lap, Kole and Owen are watching football and we're waiting for a meal to get done so that we can take it acrossed town to a new little family.

The top "big news" of the week is that starting on Sunday we've been dog sitting a little beagle puppy. Our neighbor found her and travels too much to keep her, so asked if we wanted her. The boys do not know this, but in my mind I thought this week would be a trial to see if my allergies (and nerves) could handle a new addition to the family. Well, she's adorable, but she didn't pass the test. Close, but no. I think my hands have touched enough pee this week to...I don't know what, mabye be germy for the next 3 years at least. My allergies are just too bad along with everything else (like taking a dog out in the winter, for instance!) She's super cuddly, though, and we decided (and then told the boys) that this fall and winter we'd research hypo-allergenic dogs with good dispositions with kids and save up our money for one. I don't know how I feel about taking something else on after a week like this, but I think it's doable and would be good for...well...everyone in the family, perhaps, except me. (Do I sound like a martyr, or what?)

So, that's our week. I'm ready for a clean slate again!!!


E said...

You might want to look into boxers. We have two. I don't know how they'll be on allergies, but they have short hair, they're fantastic with kids, they don't shed a lot or drool. My friends always comment on how my house doesn't look (or smell) like I have dogs. Though I'm 100% sure dogs are a stupid idea for military families. We travel so much - we're forever having dog issues.

Anyway, I think they're the best kid dogs in the world and they've always been fantastic with Eben (even when he was a clumsy baby, poking eyes & pulling ears). They're also loyal and protective...without being aggressive or mean. They love to snuggle (even when they're way too big). They are smart and easy to train, too. They're great dogs.


jeny said...

Definitely Boxers! They are one of my favorite breeds and I love them, but I had an allergic reaction to one, and very few dogs have any affect on me. My Lab gives my sister a problem but not our Jacks (she has one too.) So in my experience there doesn't seem to be a general rule for allergies such as long hair vs. short hair. However, Jayme has gotten used to Scott's dog (mix) and doesn't have a reaction to him anymore.
Not that we're looking now, but our next dog will probably be a Labradoodle. They are supposed to have the laid back/loyal personality of the Lab and the smarts, no shedding and hypoallergenic qualities of the standard poodle. Less shedding is what I'm looking for!

the Steiger's said...

Settlers of Catan is one of our favorite games!!! We used to get together with our friends in Denver and play together a lot. We have most of the extensions for this game and it makes it more interesting. We haven't found a couple here out on the east coast to play with.

Alyssa said...

oh my goodness, d! i can't believe how much kole looks like justin in these pictures, and owen like kole! and braden's just such a boy. a non-toddler, big boy! i love you and can't wait to have you come down to visit me, someday.