Tuesday, October 2

Sweet sisterhood...and adoption progress

So, I just got back Saturday night from an AMAZING week with my precious college girlfriends. This is our sixth annual get-together (we missed one in there somewhere, but are going strong now!) I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am by these friendships. Seriously! As my friend said, I think 99% of people do not truly experience this kind of community. Good community, yes, but not this. Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out (did I really write that?!?) to the Taylor T'leven (J/K...we'll come up with something great....those t-shirts are counting on it) for another one of the best weeks of my life. You each enrich me in amazing ways, and I know my life wouldn't be nearly as complete without you in it.

On an adoption note: I came back to an e-mail from our official family coordinator, Laurel. I also copied and dropped off our paperwork for the homestudy (which has been rescheduled to next Friday, 10/12) and had my doctor's appointment to make sure I'm healthy and don't have TB. Other than that, my adoption goals for this week: look more into doing a t-shirt fundraiser and talking to mom about an Arbonne fundraiser that my precious Liana said she would love to fly out from Portland and do for us. OH! And to look at all the stuff we should be receiving from America World any day now about our dossier. I told Karl I think we need to purchase a printer/copier for our house so I don't have to give my life savings to the library copier anymore (and leave the boys in the car while I'm doing it...don't call CPS).


Amy said...

We bought a scanner which will allow you to do it all. We also were able to scan and than fax things to AWAA.
I scanned and copied everything and put it into a large binder. Sort of like the start of a baby book!
Good luck!

Karen said...

Hi Danielle!
Thanks for stopping by at our blog - I'm so glad to hear you and I are very close on our adoption journey timeline! I am so excited now that I have something to do with all this paperwork... helps me to feel like I'm getting closer to our little one.
I look forward to getting to know you better! :) *Karen

shell said...

i am glad to know there is another mom who does that. if cps is getting, they will get me too!

Rob & Candy said...

Hi Danielle, thanks for stopping by our blog today. I would love to see a picture of your wreath. Question: friends sent you blessing cards and then you have them displayed? I hadn't thought of that.
I am having AWAA YG withdrawls today so I read everyone's blog and prayed for them this morning... I love how you get together with your girlfriends! What a special time.
Candy (AWAA)

Rob & Candy said...

ops- I forgot to add, we have an all in one scanner, printer, fax. It's the best. My brother bought it about the time we were paper chasing for Igor. I cannot imagine life without it.
I know it's an added expense but it is soooo worth it.

Kari said...

Danielle, I love your blog. Thanks for peeking @ our blog..it keeps me sane working on that thing :) A year ago, I didn't even know what it was.. I would love to post your site on our blog..are you OK with that? Its so fun for me to click & check on everybody day to day. We've been waiting 1 mo and 1 week for referral. If you need any direction or help, you know where to go :) We are always there to help! Good luck on the paperwork this week.
We'll talk soon on our YG!
Kari (AWAA)

jeny said...

I'm praying for you today Danielle. I've been thinking alot about your family lately and your exciting adventure in adoption. Your little girl will be so blessed to have God place her into your lives! Do you have any names picked out or are you waiting to see her picture? I'm sorry if that sounds stupid. I just re-read it and it sounds silly to me. I'm very naive about the whole process. My best friend from my college days adopted a little girl from China - almost 2 years ago now. Anyway, now I'm just prattling . . .I look forward to seeing you at Kristine's on Wednesday night.
Take care and I love you!