Friday, December 14

Finally...I'm blogging again :)

Hi everyone! I know this is nothing compared to when I first started this blog over a year ago, but I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! And here's my confession: it was because I didn't know how to move the pictures of our t-shirts to somewhere else and I wanted them to be on top until our first order came due! Thanks to Josh Ostrum, though, they are successfully moved, so I can carry on as before :) We have been the recipients of so much help in these three months (today!) of adoption journeying, and I just feel so blessed! To Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ron, my parents, Drew, Grant, Seth, Candy, Josh, and so many others....thank you.

Our first order was a huge success in my eyes. We ordered 50 shirts, just over 40 from paying customers :) That means we made about $400 towards adoption expenses. While this is a "drop in the bucket" big picture-wise, it is so encouraging to me to know that we are doing something to help bring our little one home, especially as we're close to moving into this crazy "waiting" period.

On our end, we are one reference letter, house and family pictures, and one notary signature away from having everything ready to send to the state department to get authenticated, then the Ethiopian embassy here, and then to Ethiopia. Now, all we have to do is wait for Homeland Security (the coveted I-171H form). It could be anytime, or it could be 2 1/2 more months (or longer!), but God is faithful, and I know He works everything together for His perfect timing and will.

Changing topics: I LOVE the Christmas season--even despite all it's craziness--and I'm most excited this year that my bro and sis-in-law from California and my sis from Paraguay will all be home. WHAT A BLESSING! I will leave you with a hysterical group of pictures showing the ever hilarious, ever changing personality of our fiesty two-year old:


Libby said...

Can I join in a book reading t'night? What a delicious group of little guys you have Dan.

Carpenters said...

It's good to hear that the fundraising is going to well. The t-shirts look great. Too funny! The pictures are riot. The boys are precious. I can't wait to see another little one in the book reading pictures.

With love,

Kristine said...

My fav pic is definitely the third one down. He looks as though he might hurt himself he's smiling so hard. See you on Monday.

Purvis' said...

Danielle I wanted to elt you know that I convoed you back on etsy re: the apron. Your little guys are so cute!

jeny said...

What a clown! I love the last one . . . too bad braden wasn't looking up.
I know you are enjoying every minute with your family, I'm so glad everyone is home for Christmas. I hope the days go by in slow motion so you can soak it all in.
Jayme and Scott are finally on the road tonight. They left around 3 this afternoon.
Love you,
Merry Christmas!

Purvis' said...

Hey danielle, what's your email address? I wanted to chat re: sierra leone.

Pastor Kurt and JoLynn said...

I found your blog via Heidi Weimer as we are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia through CWA. Your blog has intrigued me. What an amazing woman of God you are! I am a pastor's wife in Kansas, soon to be credentialed myself and an aspiring author. I LOVE your t-shirts!! Awesome! I think I might get a couple! That is a great fund raising idea.
Be blessed, Danielle!

Amber said...

just jumped over here via another awaa family blog. we are beginning our process for ethiopia in march (as soon as our daugher is 18 months old)! we can't wait, and we love reading about other families who have gone through the process. your family is gorgeous! we aren't too far away here in ohio, and i grew up in south east indiana.