Thursday, June 19

Got Milk?

I had an absolutely wonderful time last night at a local coffee shop with some mom friends I don't get to hang out with much. We are all on the whole "wanting to be better moms" kick (who isn't?) and in particular, we're trying to figure out this whole "health" thing: what to prioritize financially, time-wise...that whole schpeal (I learned that word in my English minor classes at Taylor Univ, I'm sure!) Anyway, my friend Emily buys raw milk from a local farm and was telling me about it. Owen seems to be allergic to milk, so our whole family has been trying to do rice milk only for about 6 months. I have heard some about raw milk from my friend Liana who is also on a serious food journey because of her own health concerns. SO, this morning I was talking to the boys about the milk thing and possibly buying a half share of this cow. That led to a conversation because Kole, I think, said he didn't want to drink milk from a cow's butt, or something like that! I reminded them about when they were babies and that milk doesn't come from there but rather from a mom's breast. The same goes with the milk we drink coming from a cow's breast. I then told them that we could actually go see these six dairy cows and that Emily actually gets to milk the cows. Braden got this (distressed? grossed out? confused?) look on his face and said, "I don't want to touch a cow's breast." I thought you might like a chuckle this morning!


Kristine said...

I'm with Braden!!! This was quite the thing to make me laugh this morning.:) It was so much fun last night and it was great to get so many new ideas. Can't wait until we can do it again.

Rob & Candy said...

Too funny! you made me laugh.
Other mom's in our nursery school buy raw milk. They say it's great. In our state it's illegal to sell raw milk but not illegal to buy it.
I'll be check back to see if you bought a "cow share".

Apryl said...

Our family owns the tuft on the tail of a cow :) We pick up raw milk every other wednesday from a local farmer. Errr, we USED to pick up milk...I'm falling behind lately. The kids love it (I don't dare drink the stuff--too FATTY), we started buying it after Ella was diagnosed with epilepsy. Probably doesn't do a thing, but I feel better buying that than junk from the store.
Very funny post!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I can just imagine having this conversation with my kids. All of the milk we get here is frozen, so as it thaws, it develops this "clumpy" texture...yeah, gross. Oh, to have access to a REAL cow and have fresh milk!!!

Libby said...

Your boys are the breast Schman!

Alyssa said...

I love it, D!!! Very, very funny. So, yesterday I listened to a Mars Hill sermon called "Stop the Traffic" that challenged me to give up non free-trade chocolate. I haven't decided if I'm going to take the plunge, yet (because non free-trade chocolate down here means non-chocolate! :) But Eric sent me this webpage and I thought you may be interested. If you'd rather be ignorantly blissful, though, don't read it! No pressure :)

Love much! Lyss

shawn and tisha said...

Ha! Funny story! :)

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

This was very interesting and funny! I can't wait to have a little one around so I can laugh at all the funny things they say.

Amber said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I love new friends. How exciting to be adding a little girl to your family of boys. You must be so excited! What agency are you using?


Jen said...

Hi. You stopped by my blog to ask a few questions about having our biometrics taken again.

Well, Our fingerpritns expire in OCT. and it took th eoffice a while to get our I171h form to us. I thoguht I would send in the paperwork a bit early and request an appt because in AZ once you have an appt you can go in to the office anytime after that on a WED to have your biometrics taken up to three months after the appt date assigned to you by USCIS. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

When do yours expire?

Liana said...

We have so much to talk about re: your last 2 blog entries! I just hosted a whole workshop on sustainable living on a budget - and learned so much. And the raw milk DEFINITELY does a ton. I'm so frustrated we can't connect - I may start stalking you till I get you :)

I love you!

Jori said...

Very Funny! I love when our kids are so litteral!! Makes life so much more interesting!
DTE 02/19 either x2