Sunday, September 21

A brief update and some summer pics

Hey all! I have four minutes to make my goal and head up to bed, so this will be VERY brief, but I wanted ya'll to know that we're still #2 in line, although I have high hopes for this week. There have been NO referrals for two weeks now, so everyone is getting a little restless, but we're trying to be positive. I have heard too many stories about God's timing in the midst of adoption woes to know that He already has our little girl picked out for us and she will come to us in God's perfect timing. Don't worry, you, faithful readers, will be among the first to know! These pics are of our amazing staycation that we took at Mom and Dad's with the whole fam (minus my precious sister, Alyssa) in August. They include swimming, hanging out with grand and great-grandparents, and our adventure at the clay pits at the Warren Dunes. It makes me not ready for fall. Oh well. I do love all the different seasons, I'm just not ready for the end to summer!!! And these pics also make me miss Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jeremy who are now back in California while we pine away :) They are loved and missed. Okay, it's 11:00, and I made my goal. Peace and love!!!


Kristine said...

The pics are great. The clay pits is one thing we didn't get to do this summer. We still might try but it might be a little chilly.:) I am waiting to hear the much awaited news!
See you next week.

paraguayalyssa said...

Oh my word, DANIELLE. About the Dunes picture- Can we just say "Jeremy Lugbill in 1988"? Kole really needs to grow a tail. He'd look so cool.