Saturday, January 10

Tentative Travel Dates

After I subbed on Thursday, Karl announced at the dinner table that we received our tentative travel dates. If we pass court on February 2, we will be traveling to pick up Selah February 21-28!!!!!!!!!!! Now, my time is spent scouring the yahoo group and BTDT blogs for traveling information, looking into airline tickets, scheduling our final shots with the health department, writing USCIS for refingerprinting (ours expire March 5, and that's just cutting it way too close--even if we do pass court the first time), faxing America World new forms and passport copies. Whew! But even though it makes days full, it feels so wonderful to be doing this knowing that it means we could be only 6 weeks away from meeting our baby girl! If we all pass court (which would be a miracle since 30% don't on the first try), the Blacks will be traveling with the Howleys, Chans, Martins, and Renos. We are filled with guarded excitement (okay, I'm really struggling to be guarded, but still) about the possibility of meeting my parents/our three boys at the airport on Mom's birthday with the newest beautiful addition to our family. KEEP PRAYING!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Here's a short picture chronicle of our almost disastrous (Kole's high sensitivity doesn't do snow pants/gloves/scarves/etc. very well and Owen got cold too easy) turned somewhat fun first ever trip to the tubing hill from today (Karl and Owen are already warming up in the van):


E said...

Yay! That's fantastic!!! Congratulations! I'll be praying that you guys do, indeed, pass the very first time!

Hey, I have a favor to ask...would you mind delivering a small package to Abel's nanny, Muluwork, in Ethiopia for me? I've had it sitting around for a few weeks it's clearly not a rush at all...but she wrote him a lovely letter. We replied and got her a couple of small things "from Abel" and so I've been wracking my brain as to how to get it to her. If you don't have space, I get that, too. Just wanted to ask. You can email me about it, if you want.

Blessings to you guys in the New Year!!!


Kristine said...

I finally replied back to your email!!! Still Praying.

see you soon.

Elizabeth said...

SO if 30% don't pass the first time, that means 70% do, right?;-) Focus on that number! Praying...