Monday, February 23

News from Addis!

Hi, Danielle's faithful readers! This is her sister writing on behalf of the Black family. She hasn't had access to the Internet, so she asked that I keep all of you up to date on their time with Selah and assure you that she'll be giving all the details upon her return (as well as lots of pictures, I'd imagine!:) She called my parents, this morning, and told them that they had gotten to spend 2 hours with Selah earlier (we are 8 hours behind them) and it had been more incredible than she'd even imagined. Tomorrow night, they'll get to have her sleep with them in the hotel!

The rest of the family is doing great, too! Sunday Grandma and Grandad took the boys to Ohio, where they got to drive the Gator and go sledding with their cousins. I didn't go on that excursion, so I can't provide many more details than that. But I am proud to report that their quality time with me is reflected in their new found love of Spanish words for various sweets. Basically, I've decided that since I'm the aunt and not the mom, and the ability to speak Spanish is an amazing lifelong skill, and they are the perfect age to pick it up, and incentives really are the key to all meaningful learning... well... I've decided that I'll basically give them anything they want as long as they can ask for it in Spanish and Grandma and Grandad will be the ones putting them to bed, afterwards. For those of you who don't know me, I just returned from teaching English in Paraguay. Anyway, I'm sure my sister will be overjoyed to return and find the fluency with which her boys can ask "Puedo tener mas caramelos, pororo, chicle, helado, marvadiscos, y chocolate?" Yup, we're doing just fine. Life in the Black household will never be the same.


Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

yeah!! Thanks for the update, Danielle's sister! Haha :)
Sounds like things are going great all around!!! Hope the rest of the week continues smoothly. And I'm sure she'll be so please with what you've taught the kids! LOL
Take care! :)

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

you're a great aunt, Alyssa.