Sunday, February 1

While I'm Waiting.

Well, the time has arrived. By the time we wake up in the morning, court should have taken place. A judge should have decided whether or not we will be able to travel to pick up our little Selah in 2 1/2 weeks or if we will have to wait. Possibly months longer. This song is my prayer tonight.


jeny said...

Dear Ones - We join with you in prayer tonight!
Love you :)

Bryanne Foreman said...

We continue to pray but can't wait to hear what happened throughout our night...

Love you guys,

Keri said...

I just read your Jan 22nd post and had to smile- not because I found any of that terrible day humorous, but because I have been there. My son also decided to sneak out of the house when he was 2- to walk to the Martin's pet store which is about 1/2 mile away (he wanted to see the hamsters). We have a chime alarm system on our doors, but one of the doors had not latched all of the way, so the chime never alerted us to the door opening. We discovered he was missing after about 15 minutes and began a frantic search for him. I found him about 6 houses away, across the tree line at the back of our house. I pulled up at the same time as the police car. (A woman had seen him walking alone and had asked him if he knew his phone number- he told it to her, but she didn't believe a 2-year-old would really know his phone number, so she called 911). So then I had to explain to the police why my 2-year-old was walking alone throgh the neighborhood- and I honestly didn't know why myself. Later, after talking to my son, it comes out that he had not walked across the back yard and through the trees, but in fact had taken the long way around- on the street- which is the way we drive twice a day to get to his daycare.
So, I guess I just want to tell you that we all (at least most of us) have been there. Yes, you feel like the worst parent in the world, but don't blame yourself. Yes, we can all be better parents, but none of us will ever be perfect. All we can do is our best to protect them and teach them right from wrong- but there will always be times, especially as they get older, when it is out of our hands.
As you prepare to bring home your little girl, I'm sure you will face new challenges. Just keep thinking "this, too, shall pass" and you will make it through.

Best wishes to you and your family-may may the road ahead of you be a smooth one!