Thursday, February 10

Awake and Alive Logo Feedback

Thanks to our AWESOME, TALENTED friend Seth (the same one that made our adoption t-shirts so incredible 3 years ago), we have a great logo! Seth says we need a lot of honest feedback so we can make it as good as possible and tweak things that aren't quite right. Jolene and I think it's pretty close to perfect already, but we trust the expert. The idea is that the stacked version is our main logo with the other one being for times when we need it in a straight line. SO, blog readers, let us know what you think. Soon it will be too late, so now is the time to have a say. PLEASE leave any thoughts you have. We want to hear from a lot of people about what you do and/or don't like so we can change things accordingly. Thanks!!!


Rob and Candy said...

oooh, I love both! I like the first one more though. Such an exciting time for you!!

Anonymous said...
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kim said...

Love the logos! The first one especially. What an amazing and exciting journey you are getting ready to move into!!