Monday, March 28

A Challenge for this week

Last night we had our small group over and the conversation was just sweet. Going naturally in between thoughts with everyone chiming in at different points, it felt like a safe and meaningful community of people. Of all the topics discussed, our friend started talking about investing in mutual funds. I know, exciting, right? (I mean, since none of us are finance people. I'm sure for those guys it is an exciting topic of conversation) But it brought up an interesting point about feeling a sense of right or wrong about different things and about how we worship the god of convenience these days and how, even if we would have principles about doing or not doing WHATEVER (think eating, buying, watching, get the point) that if it was more convenient to ignore our principles, then they would probably lose to convenience.

Fast forward to today. I'm working like a dog this week (what does that expression mean, anyway?!? Most dogs I see just lay around!)to make my end-of-the-month tutoring deadlines and an e-mail comes in from Ron Sider. Not a personal e-mail, of course, but one sent out, I imagine, to all people associated with Evangelicals for Social Action. The e-mail is a plea in light of the potentially devastating cuts in the House of Representatives that currently empower the poor--in the USA and abroad. The cuts would impact "
Head Start, Pell Grants, WIC, economic foreign aid that prevents millions from dying from AIDS and malaria in Africa; on and on."

This time, what ESA and Ron Sider are pleading with us to do is fast. Fast for this week, starting today. It can be a meal or two a day, water only...or any other thing that is on your heart. For the sake of the poor in America and around the world. I think about it for a sec: "That's really cool that they're doing that. Maybe I should. No, fasting for a meal makes me feel SO hungry and grumpy and it's a busy week, so not this time," I reason.

Then I think about last night's conversation.

I want to blow it off, too, but a Voice is whispering. Don't be a hypocrite. You say this is a value of yours--helping the poor. Especially in Africa. This is directly related to that and you're about to turn away. Don't. Please.

And so, because of the community and because of obedience, I am listening. Because I don't want to worship the god of convenience anymore. All he cares about is himself, and I know there's no value in that.

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KLT said...

Fasting can be such an undiscovered discipline in today's church. Sometimes, it seems, if you talk about it, you are perceived to be like a Pharisee or something..."I fast twice a week..."

But if we don't talk about it, what do we become then?? I'd love to hear about the challenges and blessings of your week of fasting.