Saturday, September 24

Annual Camping Trip

I cannot say enough how blessed I am by the family in our lives.  We are far from perfect--every family has dysfunctional parts to them, right?--but they are INCREDIBLE.  This particular weekend is the annual boys' camping trip with Grandma and Grandad, going strong 3 years now.  They always have the best time with some of the traditions like homemade milkshakes, smores and hobos on the fire, and hiking.  This year also included bike riding on trails and horseback riding for the two older guys and Grandma.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the up?  The Hobbit put on by Bethel College's Theater Department for the two older boys--one of Braden's favorite books he's read!  He's such a smarty pants :)

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

great pictures/ love seeing how GOd is blessing your family.