Saturday, November 5

From the mouth of babes...

I was going to post this as a facebook update, but it's too long and I have pictures to go with it :)  So, my birthday was this past week and with Grandma and Grandad's money, I got some cute stuff to wear--including a fun pair of boots and an INCREDIBLY high pair of heals from Charlotte Russe (Karl measured--4 inch heals).  I LOVE them for a totally impractical way to change things up for a night out, but the kids were intrigued to say the least.  They all (yes, even the 10 year old boy) wanted to try them on and walk with them.  Mom doesn't usually wear such things.

So, after trying them on, Kole had some very wise words.  First, he said that he was glad he wasn't a girl.  And then, the real wisdom poured forth:

"They look good, but they sure don't feel good."

Can I get an amen from any ladies out there?  I mean, seriously.  Didn't he just sum up women's fashion?  With the exception, perhaps, of the silky, flow-y shirts and, at some level, leggings that are in right now, women's fashion is NOT comfortable.  Whether it's skinny jeans, tight....well, everything, or high heals (and corsets back in the day), women have regularly had to choose between what "looks" good and what feels good.   Thanks, Kole, for saying it so well.  You are wise beyond your years!

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