Wednesday, February 22


We recently renewed our Sams Club membership because our boys are starting to eat like horses (and they're only 6, 8, and 10!  Please help us, God!)  So, yesterday Selah and I went to check it out...and spent just under our monthly budget--the entire thing--in a pop.  Yikes.  I guess I have some figurin' to do!

Okay, that's not the point (although I guess that could be a point).  The point is that in making room for the bulk stuff, I went down to the basement to clear a shelf...and can I just say that my basement is PA-THETIC?!?  Truly, completely pathetic.  Have you ever had a secret desire that there would be a house fire so you could just clear all the clutter from your life and not think about it?  Yeah, I've been having those thoughts a lot lately.

Please don't call the authorities because I don't have a plan in place to become an arsonist (which would tell you I'm not really serious about it), but OH, THE STUFF!!!


The worst thing?  We take goodwill/Salvation Army runs or have a garage sale Every. Single. Year.  Please, God, make it stop.  No more.  I'm really, really serious that I'm going to give away the bulk of my clothes this summer at the garage sale we're doing for Awake and Alive.  And lots more stuff, too.

I mean it!!!

Feel free to follow suit.  In fact, Jolene and I had an idea.  What if people had garage sales this summer on their own and then donated the proceeds to starting the school in Ethiopia or sponsoring a child for a year.  Would that not be AWESOME!??!  Redemption from the crap. 

Man, summer can't come soon enough...

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BumbersBumblings said...

I hate stuff too!! I'm really working on decluttering my life and giving away all the abundance. sooo hard to do!