Monday, July 3

Home sweet home

I love vacations. I also, however, believe in the phrase: "Great to leave, great to come home." I'm just returning from a week in Newport Beach, California where I witnessed my little brother marry the love of his life. I'm so excited to have another sister! My biological sis, Alyssa, had this great idea that while we were there, we should have a sister initiation ceremony with Kristin and Erica (our official sister as of December 16, 2006). So, after Kristin's bridal shower, we stole her and Erica away for 15 minutes for their rite of passage into the Lugbill sisterhood. Based upon our own sister bond of years gone by, we let them choose between drinking an unknown concoction (prepared by me!), having their clothing stripped in the swimming pool, their feet massaged (both have foot fetishes), and some others, but I can't remember! Anyway, they chose the concoction. So, I had much fun going to Uncle Marlin's kitchen and mixing some garlic olive oil, worchesterchire sauce, Dijon mustard, salsa, and some crushed pecans into a delicious drink which they both had to try (you can imagine their breath!) Then, we gave them a several minute massage, and closed with reading them what we appreciated about them which we'd written on the back of their "Sisters" picture frames and praying. It was a highlight for me of a very full and terrific trip.
The wedding was incredible. It was on a yacht off of Newport Beach with 150 guests. Braden and Kole were adorable ring bearers, Alyssa and I were bridesmaids, Justin (my bro) was best man and also led worship with Erica and did a trio with Lys and I. Karl officiated. Afamily affair! I'll try to download a picture on here as soon as Dad puts them online. The ceremony was great, and the reception was as well....and lots of fun for most. It was fun for me as well, don't get me wrong, but trying to keep three little boys in check at a fancy wedding dinner is a little stressful, if you can imagine. Let's just say Karl and I didn't do much socializing. In fact, that was a theme the entire vacation. I found myself wanting to get down about it (not getting much interaction time when there were so many people I would have wanted to interact with), but I know this is my stage in life and soon it will be done and I will miss it. It still makes it tough, though. We met this cool couple at the airport with a 3 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old twins. I asked if they were taking a vacation. He responded, "We're taking a trip. When you have little kids, there's no vacation." I know what he means. Sure it's just semantics, but when you have preschoolers (esp. 3 or more, in my opinion!), you really don't have any kind of relaxing break. It's just that you're doing it together, and that is wonderful. I don't want to complain, I'm just starting to become discontent with being the one with 3 kids and not having time (literally) for good conversation. As a woman especially, I think I really crave that. So, I need to find an outlet. Otherwise, I think I'll get resentful. I'm not sure what that will look like--finding an outlet, I mean, but I know that I need to do it. Any suggestions?
So, Jeremy and Kristin are enjoying their honeymoon in Costa Rica and we are home safe and sound (thank you, Jesus). That is quite a feat, too, when you realize what driving in LA is like!


Alyssa said...

I love and admire you, sis. You guys are doing a great job of parenting.

LoriSchuster said...

I had such a nice time with you guys...made me realize how much I miss you. Karl bless you for being my Starbuck's Soul Brother. Danielle, I was hoping that after three kids you would be all nasty in a bathing suit...but, Bitch. It was SO much fun getting to know your boys...and to know that while I am old and feeble minded--I can still kick some serious booty with the light sabre. Love you. Come see me.

Jenna said...

I'm sitting here checking in on Ashli, read your post about being a mother of toddlers... and almost cried I was laughing so hard- with you, not at you! I too, wouldn't trade a moment with Pax and Dom, but you are so right- it's EXHAUSTING! (Not to mention LOUD, MESSY, and did I mention LOUD?!)
I love what the man in the airport said about a "trip" rather than a vacation... being a mother of multiple toddlers is always a TRIP!!!
Hang in there!
Jenna Starrett

Chris said...
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