Saturday, July 15

Throwing caution to the wind!

Yes, I have watched "How to Catch A Sex Predator." No, I did not allow that program and their uncompromising admonishment of to freak me out enough to not go near it with a ten foot pole. So, when my precious sister who just left for Paraguay for 3 years told me the only way to comment on her blog was to join myspace myself, I said, "Why not?" Now, I should mention that in my haste to join, I did not fill out a full profile. You wouldn't think this to be a problem; I wasn't joining to meet people, after all, just to keep in touch with my sis who was about to go far, far away. However, what I failed to see was that myspace automatically sets your profile to single. As a result, I got two solicitations (okay, that was too strong of a word) before I realized the greivous error. Now things are settled, though, and while there is a picture of me on the beach (complete with my family and stretch marks), I have gotten no more "interested" e-mails. My reason for commenting here about myspace is because I posted pictures on there that I thought some of you might be interested in seeing. After many hours (quite literally) of troubleshooting blogspot's many picture problems, I gave up and headed to a site that thrives on its uploading picture industry. Now, I tried to find a nice, easy address to direct you to to view these photos, but to no avail. So, I guess, you have to wade through the 120 or so Danielle Black's until you come to me (Currently, I'm at the very end, if it continues to be in the same order). I am holding an adorable Owen at the recent Cali wedding laughing my head off. I love that picture, if I do say so myself! And, if I could ever figure out this ridiculous picture issue, you could see it on this site, but since even the experts seem to have trouble, I leave you to myspace....please just don't get sucked into the drama and pick anybody up on your visit over there!


Alipurr said...

was catching up on blog reading a little, and found yours, again

i have had trouble with blogger pictures at times, too. It can be quite frustrating.

(you will have to forgive the typing with one hand while very small child is on my lap look)

anyway, i hope you don't mind, but i tagged you for a silly meme. You have been chosen :)

Alyssa said...

You are so funny. I love you so much!