Tuesday, August 22


Who would have knew after an excruciating roommate change my senior year of college that my life would be so enriched beyond measure!
I am writing this much-needed blog from the office of a Glen Arbor home after two days with the most precious friends a girl could have. This is our fifth mostly-annual girls trip, and I would do almost anything to be here. First of all, it is gorgeous. My one friends' aunt and uncle have a BEAUTIFUL home on the lake and graciously let us stay here. Because of the six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and "Better Homes and Gardens" kitchen (not to mention the beach and lake thing), it makes it a perfect location for fabulous cooking and conversation...not to mention rest. It is our second year here with three previous years spent in Florida, and every year we all do what it takes to arrive....in all our weariness and joy, for a week of restoration and renewal.
Last year when I was joyfully sharing the day's events with Karl (We have a tradition of sitting around the table after a fabulous dinner (last night, for instance, was meat and veggie kabobs, artichokes, water, and wine), taking turns to highlight the last year and share hopes for the year to come. Then, each woman shares some kind of encouragement for the woman with the spotlight, it varies year by year based on the "selected question." There is much laughter, and many tears) his true feelings emerged about how this would not, in fact, be a vacation for him. I wasn't even hurt. I mean, really...if he doesn't know that laughing and crying, hugging and eating is more therapeutic than the newest Tiger Woods PS2 game and Little Debbie's, then I will not try to convince him.
The point is, I know that this week brings life to my weary soul. I will always treasure what this week brings to my life. And while this year was bittersweet due to our precious Libby's absense (as is usually the case with one person, different each year), the joy of hearing her voice on the phone last night al l the way from India, helped to complete the circle. Thank you, my beautiful girlfriends, for all that you add to my life. I don't know how my life could be so full without each of you in it....

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