Friday, August 31

Cockiness in Parenting

My aunt Heidi and I always talk about how when you get cocky about something as a parent (and especially when you say you'll never do something!) you inevitably get nailed. This picture catalogues one such event in my life as a parent. First, let me start by bragging (I'll never learn): they say that boys are the hardest to potty train. The new "theys" (whoever they are), also say to just let a kid take the lead and look for signs as to when he/she is ready to start going on the potty. Age three is normal, they say. Well, I didn't buy into that philosophy. I can still remember vividly (which is saying a lot for this memory-compromised woman!) being at Bonefish Grill for my birthday and Braden pooping during dinner. I looked over at my precious Grandma Betty and said, "I know what you're're thinking he's old enough to potty train." I was right. So, I began the journey (with no, mind you, child leading). After just two weeks (if that) and a few accidents, we were good to go. Kole was 21 months (yes, a boy at 21 months) and, I think, had two accidents total during the process. SOooo, I got arrogant. And when that age rolled around with Owen, I thought, "I've got this down!" Well.................over six months later, and he's still not telling me when he has to go. This picture was in the beginnning stages of the process (it looks like I'm saying, "PLEASE go, Owen! Please!") At this point, I think I need to just cut my losses, and forget about it for a couple of months. It's just so hard to go back when I've been at it for so long!!! I've resorted to THICK training pants and continuing to stick him on the potty before or after most meals. WHAT A JOKE!!!! I wish I could say never again will I be prideful, but I have a feeling there's much more to come. Help, Lord Jesus!!!!!

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