Sunday, October 14

Bodily functions...why we need a little girl!

Several things have happened recently to make me more and more confident that our family could really use the positive influence of another female member. For those of you that are particularly weak of heart and find movies like Shrek offensive, discontinue reading this post. For the rest of's a snapshot of life in the Black house:

1. One of the first things that Braden reported proudly after his first week of kindergarten: armpit farts. If you don't know what these are, perhaps you shouldn't ask. This new knowledge has caused many laughs in our household.
2. I was changing Owen's stinky diaper the other day and he started coughing and said, "That poop make me choke." (On a side note, he has also made this comment lying in bed with us in the morning after smelling my breath)
3. Braden and I were talking about me being a mom (versus a dad, I guess?!?) and what made me such. After a short anatomy reminder, he said: "I know another reason that makes you a mom." "What?" I asked. He replied, ""You have the stinkiest toots!" (The connection I'm not sure of, but I found it hilarious, nonetheless)
4. And there was the time not too long ago when I broke down and took the boys to Wal-Mart so Braden could buy a Star Wars toy with his hard earned money. While there, they spotted "Splat"--a gooey item in a little tub that made a distinctly distasteful noise. I decided (why do I do these things?) that I would humor them and purchase them. On the way to the check-out counter, the boys continually tested the new item, turning heads all around. Owen was the funniest. For a long time after, whenever he would hear a particularly powerful "noise," he would absolutely crack up laughing. They couldn't wait to show Daddy!

Where are the tea parties and dress-up and beauty shop playtimes when you need them? No where to be found in this least not yet :) But a beautiful family nonetheless! For now I just need to go elsewhere for my girl time!


Kari said...

Soooo funny!!!! :)LOL I'm cracking up reading your post are NOT going to know what to do when your sweet girl joins your family. You will never be the same...prayerfully she'll be a girlie girl, but if not..she'll hopefully enjoy a tea party or two. There's nothing better in the world than the love from our boys & fun you will soon have a taste of both worlds.
Great stuff!!

Amy said...

Oh girl. Just wait until they do arm pit farts using behind their knees. Quite the talent.
I know the feeling. Thankfully Anna is a great balance. She likes to do "armpit toots" but loves to dress up, paint fingernails, and wearing "pretty things".
Boys are somethin' else!

karen said...


I guess this is one reason we're requesting a girl also - I'm not that "girlie" of a girl, but all the kids in my husband's family are boys, so we gotta balance out the Star Wars toys & poop jokes somehow. :)

karen (awaa)

Apryl said...

Too funny! When I had just my two boys I thought a little girl would be what I needed. Unfortunately, my picture of calm, princess-like behavior has yet to be realized. My little girl is just another "one of the guys". At least I can dress her up in adorable clothes :) She sure does look cute when she's enjoying a little body humor!


Rob & Candy said...

Wow- your household sounds very similar to ours! We are requesting another little boy... oh, why didn't I listen to my mom and request a girl??? LOL
Candy (awaa)

Jen said...

I have to laugh because with three girls my house is all pink and glitter and non stop tea parties. I am actually looking forward to armpit farts, etc! Aren't we all so silly!

Kids are wonderful! What a joy they are! Life would be so boring w/o them!!