Tuesday, October 9

The Hardest Part of Parenting?!?

So, for the second day in a row I am home with sick children. I wish I could say this is totally rare, but, I think, when you have three little boys it is quite common...especially when these little boys have started school this year! When I called Kole's preschool yesterday to say he was sick, Mrs. Crobott said it was the fourth call for his class with similar symptons. Now today, Braden says he has a stomach ache and sore throat, too. Now, a small part of my mother's intuituion thinks he may be faking (especially since the mid-range fever that Kole has is mysteriously absent), but what if? So, here we sit at 8:30 in the morning watching Garfield the movie (and trying to establish a game plan for this dossier, researching all-in-one fax/printer/scanner/copiers, blogging...you get the point) I think the most depressing thing is that it's only October 9. So, in my mind, I see the long months of winter looming ominously in the future, one virus after another. (Did I mention this is the third day working out I will be missing and second Encounter--since last week Owen had a bad cold/little fever?)

One of the only things I remember from three years of high school Latin is the phrase "O me miseram!" translated "Poor miserable me!" So, I'm done o me miseram-ing, and ready to be thankful that I have three beautiful boys (even if they are sick and altering my normal schedule--how ridiculous of me!) I can only imagine the number of people who would love to be in my spot. So, in closing, I will dwell on a more productive Latin phrase--the only other phrase I remember--and focus on making each moment count....even if that does simply mean giving medicine, wiping noses, and lots of cuddling. Carpe Diem, every one.

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