Friday, March 21

I heart Stephen addendum

GUESS WHAT!!! Karl got the disc fixed. I LOVE that man (and not just because of this). I took off our great Show Hope shirts in order to represent for Africa....and Andrea.

And now, ladies and gentlemen the last part of the Stephen Curtis Chapman drama that I left out:

After we talked with the big man and he signed the Cannons Christmas picture, they asked if we could find our way out. We said, "Yes." This, however, would prove not to be the case. We were definitely lost in the deep caverns of the Morris Performing Arts Center. Finally, against Adam's better judgment, we decided to go up this elevator. As we stepped out onto the first floor into darkness, we tried to get our bearings. About this time, a VERY loud and VERY obnoxious alarm started to sound. Can you picture this scenario?!? It's 11:00 at night, Adam has a HUGE bag of change that he has agreed to deposit for the adoptive family grant and send a check to Shaohanna's Hope, and we are in an empty part of the Morris setting off the alarm in the dark. I can just imagine police coming around the corner with guns drawn (what I was REALLY hoping, though, is it would give me another chance to see Stephen :) ) Well, very pregnant Carrie and I sat down on a bench while Adam went out another set of doors and tried to problem solve. Finally, the security guard came and led us in the right direction saying, "I knew it was you guys." No Stephen. No guns. But a memorable ending to a very fun and memorable night!!!


Susan said...

You lucky ducks! What a great photo and a fun time!

One of my friends claimed that the only photo that she could find of her and her husband for their Christmas letter was one with SCC between them! LOL!

Take care! Happy Fasika! Susan

Carpenters said...

I'm glad that you got the photo card to work. It is a great picture! I don't think it was too melodramatic to call it a mini-crisis. It was. I'm glad it's over though.

With Love,

Britney said...

That's awesome, Danielle! My friend Gina Norr also got her picture taken with SCC that night too! She and her husband are in the process of adopting a little girl from China. I'm glad you got to have a fun filled night, and that Karl fixed the memory card. :)

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

That is so awesome that you go to meet SCC!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a really awesome time!

Kristine said...

I can just picture Carrie's and your face as the alarm sounded. I hope to see you soon. Maybe next Wednesday for prayer night. I'll probably be giving you a call on Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to set a date to be induced and I need to make plans for the kids.:)

kflyingcircus said...

how awesome you got to meet scc and how especially cool that karl was able to fix the camera card :-)

jeny said...

What a wonderful night . . .and you describe it so well :) He's a favorite of ours, but somehow we missed that he was in town.
I missed you the last prayer night, hope to see you next week. And, yes, I really want to get together for a play date with the kids. Let's shoot for early April!

Anonymous said...

Your t-shirts are beautiful! My family and I are currently involved in an adoption from Central America. With your permission, we would love to use your idea to have some t-shirts done with a similar concept.