Saturday, April 26

More terrific, amazing, wonderful news!

Hey everybody! I have been a horrible blogger, but I am still here. Life's pace has just been a little too crazy lately, but incredibly good as well. To give you a hint, I've had overnight houseguests on four different occasions in the last several weeks! All of them were wonderful and worth it, but it's still a lot!!! I also just got back from a wonderful two-day trip to my alma mater, Taylor University, to be with 4 of my 10 most precious girlfriends from college. What a great get-a-way, it's just hard sometimes to return to the hustle and bustle!

We are now just about to move into month three of the waiting game in our "Waiting for Referal (WFR)" stage. While in some ways it seems like we've been on this journey a very long time, it really has gone quickly for us thus far. I feel so blessed at the way the Ethiopian program at America World has been moving. I feel blessed that it took us four months to send our dossier off. I feel blessed that our lives are so full here that I don't have tons of time to "pine" over the "incompleteness" of our family. I just feel so very, very blessed.

I ALSO feel blessed to share that four more families received referrals today! Congratulations to the Ord, Gibson, Cox, and Ducommun families! There are also four families traveling today and tomorrow to Ethiopia--only a couple of weeks after a successful court date! There is so much hope in the air, can you tell? I've done this count like 5 different times, but according to the families I know, we are NUMBER 12 IN LINE FOR AN INFANT GIRL!!! Can you believe it?!? Now, according to my list, it is possible that we could actually be 19th in line for a girl if all those ahead of us that I don't know specifically (aren't members of our yahoo group) have requested infant girls (or either gender infants), but the chances of that aren't great, so either way, that news is just incredible. It makes things seem so real! I'll still plan on a referral somewhere between September through November, but it is possible it could be here earlier.

I really need to get on reading some more books and meeting with a lactation consultant! Anyway, there's a quick little update. I hear the current baby of the family starting to cry (it's 12:22 a.m.), so I better see what's going on! Thanks for sharing my excitement!


kflyingcircus said...

yeah, that's so exciting! great news!! ahh, taylor, can you believe i have yet to be back for a homecoming! it's a little far from japan :-) can't wait to hear more about this little girl :-)

Lori said...

Wow three months... and this week we will be 5 months. We were in IN two weeks ago on business, no social time or we would have called you guys up. If we travel through IN. in the summer will let you know. Have a great week.
Lori Laughner