Tuesday, July 29

Adoption updates & Why I love my parents

These pictures perfectly demonstrate why I adore my parents. These were all taken in the last couple of weeks: birthday traditions, Sunday lunches (a tradition all but one Sunday a month if everyone's in town), and Grandma Beth at the fair. Are we not blessed beyond measure?!?
I have some amazing and wonderful adoption news to report. Our friends the Caldwells got their call today. They are now first-time parents of a beautiful (although I will not be able to see this for myself until after they pass court) little baby boy. The crazy thing is, their DTE date (dossier to Ethiopia) was January 25, 2008. Do you know when ours was? February 7th!!! Now before our family and friends not in America World get too excited, they were requesting an infant boy. We are requesting an infant girl...and there is a difference (not just anatomically speaking, of course) Since the beginning (with some changes at times), there is about a two month difference for infant girl and infant boy requests. If this continues to be the case, we are still on target to receive our referral in late September or October. The Joner family is #1 waiting for an infant girl, and their DTE date is way back on 10/26/07. (SO, AFTER I WROTE THIS ENTIRE ENTRY, I GOT A FACEBOOK MESSAGE FROM MY FRIEND KAREN AND FILLED ME IN THAT JONER'S GOT THEIR REFERRAL TODAY TOO--ON THEIR ANNIVERSARY! THAT MEANS THE JUVINALLS ARE FIRST IN LINE WITH A DTE OF 11/1/07...AND THEN THE NEXT DTE FOR AN INFANT GIRL IS 12/21...0R MAYBE 11/21 IF THE MYSTERY FAMILY UNACCOUNTED FOR IS REQUESTING AN INFANT GIRL. EVEN MORE EXCITING THAN BEFORE!!!) So, you see the difference. If my calculations are correct, I think we are #4 in line, specifically, for an infant girl. On top of this exciting news, four families (Ducommuns, Coxs, Moles, Moutsos) made it through court before the two month closure and will be traveling in two short weeks to get their little ones. We will be praying for Wempes, Wistroms, Schmidts, and a mystery family as they will have only one chance (not an overly exciting prospect) on August 6 to pass court before it closes. If they pass, they can travel during the two month closure to pick up their kiddos, if not, they have to wait until a court date when it reopens in October. There are nine other waiting families (have referrals, but no scheduled court dates) with America World, so you can definitely be praying for them as I'm sure the wait is excruciating. It had been awhile since I just talked adoption, so I wanted to share all this wonderful news. Blessings!


Kristine said...

I got excited just reading your post! Time has seem to just fly by. I remember when you first shared the adoption and the timeframe you gave seemed like an eternity but it's almost here.
See you in a week.
PS The pic of your mom and the boys is priceless. Actually all the pics posted are.

karen said...

Oh my gosh, it's so exciting to read everyone's blogs and I can literally HEAR all of us freaking out and cheering each other on as we move on up!! :) I love it!

We're getting SO close, my friend!


Carpenters said...

Aren't parents the greatest? I bet they can't wait to begin spoiling their granddaughter. We'll be praying that the rest of the wait goes quickly and that you hear soon.

With Love,