Saturday, August 2

My first real freakout

I have yet to be hit with any of the nerves that come with being in the top ten. I feel like it's all happened pretty fast here lately, so while I'm getting a little more freaked out (like saying to Karl, "WE HAVE GOT TO DECIDE ON A NAME!!!!" and "I really hope you know that I don't care what meeting you're in, you will be taking a break when Duni calls us!" (I'm still working on some control issues)), it hasn't been extreme yet. However, tonight came close. I looked down at my cell and saw "America World" on the history and for a split second about lost it. Never mind that it's Saturday, or that we are #3 in line for an infant girl, or that there was no message on my voicemail. It was as if time stood still and at 10:00 p.m. I realized we "missed the call!!!" Then, reality set back in and I remembered I had made a call to America World yesterday and that's what I saw.

Ah well. Let the freakouts begin.... :)


beBOLDjen said...

Thanks for popping in to say hello. I had to giggle at your post because I know just how you feel :) I wish I could say it gets better!

....praying those girl referrals come rolling in!

Britney said...

I'm glad you are the freak out stage, because it means you getting closer to having her (whatever her name will be) in your arms. :)

Jori said...

I am starting to get that little "freak out" feeling and yet who knows when!! :):) I am not attached to my phone yet so I guess I am still in good shape for a awhile! :) Until they start coming in this month at least!! :):)

Carpenters said...

You are getting close. I can't wait to hear about "The" freak out and your little one's name. We didn't know what we would name ours until after our referral.

With Love,