Monday, August 4

It could be a long week!

I have five words for you: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. I had great plans today for blueberry picking at an organic blueberry patch close by followed by a picnic and splash pad with my friend Kristine followed by a wonderful time of talking and eating dinner at Shelley's...all of which had to be cancelled. I'm feeling a little sorry for myself and a little angry at the public pool I took the kids to last Wednesday (that's who I'm blaming at the moment for this little outbreak). Ah well. The section of verse I wrote down this morning: "...that my life will always honor Christ, whether I live or die." Phil. 1:20....even in the midst of fevers and sore little bumps and cancelled plans.


Susan said...

Oh, I'm sorry!! I hear that is nasty. My nephew just had a case of a similar strain that just involved his mouth. EWWWW! I hope you don't get too stir crazy.

((((Hugs)))) Susan

Rob & Candy said...

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease- never words you want to hear in a row.... YIKES... Here's hoping that it clears up quickly.

Kristine said...

I found out blueberries will be on for another week so as soon as everyone is well we'll have to reschedule. Or maybe we should go without kids. Perhaps we could actually finish a complete conversation,:)
See you Wednesday....Hopefully.

Joshua said...

Thanks for the thoughtful words of encouragement! I've been reading every one of your posts, but just haven't commented. But your family is continually in my prayers. Especially now that this virus has attacked. Annabelle is finishing up a virus that spiked a high fever for 3 whole days and then left her with pale red splotches - from the nursery. I hope everyone feels better fast. I'll connect with you soon!

shell said...

missed you!