Tuesday, February 24

Day two...and final news from Ethiopia

I can't handle being away from our little girl one more second in the moments we have left while sitting in Robel's office, but I just wanted to share not to expect anything else from this travel group (probably). We will not be visiting the TH again and Robel's office seems to be the only sure thing for getting through on the internet. WE'RE SO SORRY!!! I just want you all to know that your children are amazing and we got some great shots if we had releases, although they are much more careful now and brought the babies out for some quick pics in front of the fireplace. Karen, Karl got a great one of your precious smiling, though!!! It is amazing!!! ALL the little babies looked so much healthier than the last pics I had seen and I was able to speak with the main nanny and Fortuna, the head nurse, to make sure she understood details about vitamins, etc. What an amazing day that I can't wait to process. Love to you all from Ethiopia.

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