Sunday, March 1

Thursday news

Hey, all. Danielle actually sent me this update, Thursday night, but I'd assumed she wouldn't be writing any more and stopped checking my e-mail. So I'm so sorry to those of you "blog stalkers" who have been dying for lack of news. Here's what she wrote:

As I write this, the guys are outside the hotel waiting to leave for the infamous "Guys Night" with Robel. He said they were going to the beer garden, but I can't tell if he's joking or not :) Regardless of what they do, I'm sure it will be a good time. We girls are thinking we'll do something too with the kiddos. For Shelley and Anna, it will be their first official playdate! William and Shelley finally got to take Liam today from the TH and he seems like a different kid. PRAISE THE LORD! Speaking of sickness, we had a scare during the night as well.... Selah is an exceptional baby. She is peaceful almost all the time except when she's doing this absolutely ADORABLE cuing thing. Her little voice just melts my (and Daddy's!) heart.

On Tuesday night (our first night with her) she slept the entire night. Literally. I don't think she woke up for a bottle until 7:30 and went down early the night before. We fed her at 10 p.m. and changed her diaper, but she never even woke up! She is so easy! Anyway, last night, she woke up around 2 and was very upset. At first, I wondered if she was grieving but quickly realized by her cry that she was in pain. We fed her (and she ate) but then woke up an hour later with that same pitiful cry again. Daddy rocked her in bed and she fell back asleep until 5:30, but then the same thing. I'm not really a worrier, but I was very concerned. It's so different being in another country, not having your doctor near by, not knowing for certain that it's not just a cold or harmless virus. At 8 after more fussiness, we called the nurse, Fortuna, on her cell phone and explained what was happening. She ended up taking us to a clinic where the doctor who had examined Selah at the TH worked. The Chans also went and the Renos to look over their little guys. Come to find out, it looks like I may have gotten her sick. What a good mommy I am! Early in the week we left, I had a sore throat and felt very achy. Then, it went away, but when we got to Ethiopia, I had a hint of a sore throat and I was so worried I would give it to someone so I tried to be careful, but of course, I'm meeting our daugher for the first time and then it went away so I wasn't being careful. Well, sure enough, the doctor thought after the exam that her body was achy, she had a fever, and a sore throat. I'm trying to get over the guilt. No, I'm fine. I'm sure she'll pass things to me as well, I just feel so badly it happened this quickly. After the clinic, we went to visit the Compassion child and the project she's from. I want to tell much about that, but my precious daughter woke up and is sitting with the receptionist, so I will save it for another time :) Ethiopian culture is WONDERFUL. Karl and I both have been amazed by the people here. More for later.... Oh, one more thing, other than these ailments from the babies that is manageable, the adults are doing very well. I thought much this morning about the prayers of the yg and others and wondered just how much of your prayers have made this trip what it is. Liam is with Mom and Dad now and we are all tired yet content and ready for the long flight home tomorrow night (we leave at 10:30 p.m.) YG, I CAN'T WAIT to tell some of you about your kids!!!

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Mary and Doug said...

Oh Danielle! It is so good to see an update. Sorry about the sick baby, but I'm sure she will bounce back quickly with all of the love and care she is receiving. I will look forward to more details about your trip!