Wednesday, March 18

Dad got some cool new program and has been sending me these wonderful picture montages. On my blog, they're a little small to see, but hopefully you can get the idea. Thanks, Dad. These are such wonderful memories!!!

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Chantelle Becking said...

What a cute family!!! I have loved seeing pics of your baby girl home! I found your blog just before she came home! We are awating court -May 11! I am researching places to stay in Addis and I would love to know where you stayed and what you thought about it...I know you are a busy mom, but if you have the time, please click over to our blog and let me know...I am a planner when it comes to places to stay. I am thinking we will use a local guest house, but I tend to freak out when stuff is not totally clean...I know that can happen anywhere...Just hotels in general!
Best to you and your fam!