Monday, March 16

EWWWW!!!! And a plug for adoptive nursing

In Ethiopia, Karl lovingly stole a nickname from someone to give to me. To my husband, I am now sometimes known as "Filter." You can guess where this name comes from, especially for those of you that know me pretty well. Well, I start this off with that little tidbit, because this might be one of those cases when I should refrain from saying anything. However, as is usually the case in these situations, I simply can't resist.

First, let me seriously say that adoptive nursing is possible. Even for a 6 1/2 month old that's been exclusively bottle-fed for 5+ months. And, in my opinion, it's so worth it if you have the time/money/energy/etc. This isn't a guilt thing for the thousands of adoptive parents who don't, it's just encouragement for those of you who have thought about it but felt like it was too overwhelming of a task. I can be pretty stubborn when I put my mind to something (don't tell Karl I admitted this....he doesn't read my blog, so if you tell him, I'll deny it :) ), but I can also be really bad with follow through on my myriad of good ideas, so I wouldn't necessarily be the best candidate for this sort of undertaking. BUT, I have done it! Selah has done it!!! And I think we are stronger (at several levels) because of the choice I made. Having said that, the following story might contradict my previous encouragement.

Today, my house was a complete disaster when my neighbor came to take the boys to a movie. So, I had app. 2 1/2 hours to nurse and get my house as presentable as possible. Part way through cleaning the kitchen, I realized I had forgotten to take my domperidone, so I popped the pill in my mouth and took a huge swig of milk from this morning. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! The milk that I put in my mouth was not cow's milk. It was not Owen's rice milk. Oh no. The milk that I made the GIGANTIC mistake of starting to swallow was my own. Literally. That may take the cake for the grossest thing I've ever experienced. For you, too?!?



Renee' said...

Crack me up!! That would have grossed me out too... but why is it that we are grossed out by the thought of drinking milk that came from a human breast, but have no problem with milk that came from a cow's breast??

Kristine said...

OH Danielle!!! I think I gagged a little.:)LOL You wouldn't be as fun as you are if you "filtered" everything.:)

paraguayalyssa said...

now THAT'S green (perhaps a slightly deeper shade than that of your readers' faces).

Susan said...

First, Gross! Second, YAY for the nursing! I am so happy for you! I am still pumping and feeding here, and I have a friend who is also adopting who is giving me LOTS of milk too -more than I make.

I'd love to see a photo of your nursing!

Love you! Susan

Brendan Jamieson said...

Hi Danielle,
I am so excited to read of another mom who was able to nurse an adopted child. We are in the paperchase process with AWAA and it has been on my heart. Nursing my daughter (who is now 2) was such a huge part of our relationship and attachement I would love to at least try with our next addition. Thanks for the encouragement and you'll be hearing from me for advise!

~Katie Jamieson

E said...

Okay. Fine. I'll admit it. That so doesn't gross me out. Me. The girl who realized she could never, ever (not in a million years) be a nurse or doctor because bodily fluids...even shaking strangers hands...grosses me out. I have a germ hang up. For some reason breast milk doesn't gross me out. At all. I even tried some of mine (I know I shouldn't admit this) when I nursed. I figured I needed to make sure it was okay for my baby. Sigh...the thoughts of a sleep deprived new mom...hee hee.

Though, I knew I didn't want to nurse as an adoptive mom (no mommy guilt there at all), I think it's great encouragement that you posted it for those who do want to do it! I can imagine that has helped tremendously with bonding. Not just for Selah, but in a major way for you, too.

Thanks again for being our courier! So sweet of you and I am praising God for the happy adjustment you are all experiencing. I know this is grace & mercy being poured down from heaven...just as I know I was receiving a big dose of the same throughout our difficult transition. I also think bringing your little one home younger helps a lot, too, to be completely honest. Your videos are sweet to watch and just so fun! My boys love watching other families adoption's such a blessing to see other families that look like ours and love the Lord like ours!



Apryl said...

My family calls it "liquid gold" and it's so sad YOU actually wasted some of it :) I nursed Josiah for about six weeks when we got home (until he became a ferocious beast and bit me repeatedly while laughing). I've never been a good "pumper" so I didn't even try before we went to ET-I didn't take anything, just started with a supplemental nurser when we got home (with some milk from a good friend) and he caught right on. I couldn't believe it. I think it really helped with our bonding and made me feel good about giving him his own dose of liquid gold.

I'm so glad that things are going well for you! That first month can be tough, many answered prayers if yours has been fantastic. Such a praise!