Friday, March 6

How are the boys?

More than any other specific question, this is what people want to know. And honestly, the boys are great. Now, the day we arrived home scared me quite a bit. First of all, I was tired beyond description. Even with Selah being a complete angel on the 17 hour flight (and again on the layover and 2 hour flight), I was exhausted. So, when Owen had TWO meltdowns within a few hours of being back because I was holding the baby and not him, I was worried...and overwhelmed. But since that first day together, things have been really smooth. At mom's advice, I've been working really hard to include Owen and make him the "helpful big brother" and it's working! As you can tell from the pictures, Selah is much more sure of her older two brothers than her third, but she tolerates him well :) And he really is sweet to her. But the other two are just incredible. The one picture was two nights ago when Braden wore the Bjorn and Selah actually fell asleep on his chest and we put a blanket over her head so Braden could eat supper with her strapped to him. They think it's pretty special that they're really the only ones that get to hold their sister and both Braden and Kole can pretty much make her smile whenever they try. In fact, the Sunday night after we got back I was laying in bed with Braden and asked him how things were going. He responded, "Good as far as getting enough attention [something that he had been worried about since we had tried to warn the boys about anything in case it was a really rough transition], bad because Selah sleeps all the time!" Whew.
My sister has been a complete God-send this week. Because Mom and Dad took time off to watch the boys while we were in Ethiopia, and Karl's mom is coming next week, Alyssa decided to take it upon herself to be our servant for the week. It has been incredible. With Karl describing this as the "Most stressful week of his life" because of the North campus launching Sunday (and he's not the one prone to drama in our family!) having Alyssa here most definitely has made the difference in me saying this was an amazing week, instead of a REALLY hard week. Well, Alyssa and the other three wonderful families that have brought us meals. WE ARE SO BLESSED. I probably say that a lot, but if I said it even ten times more, it wouldn't be even enough!!!
Lastly, Selah had her first appointment with her pediatrician, Dr. Davis, on Wednesday and she's doing great! She's small, of course, but she is on the chart, and developmentally she's right on target. We'll have an appointment in about a month with the international adoption clinic, but I really think it's just a formality and things should check out great. Oh, and I'm banned from Target. I really think that when I go into that store (like I did with Selah after her doctor's appointment) my brain matter turns to mush and I forget that we're on a very tight budget. There's just WAY TOO MUCH CUTE STUFF!!! So I just won't go. For a long, long time. :)


Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

girls are so much to shop ware! Kids look so happy!

jill coen said...'s magnatized I car just goes there.

So glad you're home and everyone is adjusting. Love the pictures and the ones below from ET! Love your sassy haircut too.

I'll pray that Karl feels better!

Fran Barth said...

YEAH!!!! I am soooo soooo happy for you!! What a wonderful blessing and end to you're long journey for her! She is adorable! Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Pretty sure Jill is right about Target! LOL

Those pics....OMGoogness!! Especially the one of B. w/ S. in the bjorn! So happy to hear things are going well and God is taking care of you through wonderful family & friends.

Becky Burk said...

Awww sweet angel!!! She's already so much bigger then when we saw her in December! it's amazing how fast they grow right! You guys look great and I love all the new photos. Your boys are precious and they seem to be great big brothers.

jeny said...

She looks SO happy! Everyone does :)
Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you today and praying for your family. Can't wait to meet Selah!

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

How sweet!!! They sure do love their little sis :)

Tisha said...

We have a Target right across the street from us and I fear it will no be good if we get a girl referral... even though I would LOVE one! :)

My oldest son saw the picture of your oldest carrying Selah in the front carrier and he said he wants to do it if we get a baby. Love that picture!