Monday, April 20

Some Easter pics

Mom and Selah...Mom's in heaven now that she can start
holding her on a regular basis!

The Easter Egg hunt. (The boys left us in the dust)

Could she be any cuter?!? Notice the little hands...that's what I was
talking about with the boys always pulling on her b/c they love
her so much!

Four generations of Riegsecker women. We have such
an amazing heritage. Thanks, Grandma and Grandad!

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out our new uploading software for our new camera, but here are some pics of Easter from my Dad. Enjoy!


kcoryn said...

What beautiful pictures! I can tell your mom is loving spending time with Selah! We're so happy for you all!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Man! Those cheeks!!
Love the pics! You all look sooo happy. :)

jill coen said...

Beautiful, Danielle! The joy is your faces is beautiful!!