Wednesday, June 17

I'm not really a lover of rain-that-lasts-forever type days/weeks,
but how can you resist something this cute? It's so fun to sit out on the porch and watch the rain as a family, or go out and play in it. Most recently, we've been loving watching all the birds and critters (hummingbirds may be our favorites) that have been congregating in our back yard thanks to Karl's birdfeeders. Grandma is going to even let us borrow a bird book so we can find some we don't recognize.

We're really loving Grandma and Grandad's pool-even Selah!

Daddy loves his kiddos! He's especially been focusing on getting good "Owie time" lately.

Within a couple of days, both boys got stuck in Selah's toy jeep.
The older boys have been loving listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Owen does, too, but his favorite is The Magic Tree House series, which the older boys also love. The library has both, but recently, Focus on the family (that's Odyssey) started putting all the episodes online. Here, they are listening, and Braden is creating a playlist :) Also, a new site I love for the kids: Compassion International's to help the kids experience the world and kids in poverty.
Kole lost his first two teeth! His second one at the table while enjoying a Memorial Day picnic with Grandma and Grandad.
Selah and A enjoying some girl time during our swimming day at the pool
Selah's first time eating curry. She truly is Ethiopian--10 mos. and loving some spicy food!
She's enjoying feeding herself a little--pincher grasp is still not there, but she's getting closer!
At our garage sale. With her four teeth, I call this her goober smile. We are blessed by it often.

The last week of school, Braden got a special All-Star award. Grandad joined us for the ceremony. His teacher Mrs. Meckley has been such a joy this year!

Aunt Krissy--a soon to be mom herself!

Uncle Jeremy having pizza night with the boys. They came home for our cousin Emily's wedding at the end of May. This summer Jer and Kristin will be coming home for 6 WEEKS culminating with a family vacation in Hilton Head in August. We are beyond thrilled. I even started crying tears of joy. With our precious Justin and Erica moved to Chicago, we really miss our big family. Thankfully, though, having Aunt Alyssa back from Paraguay these 6 months (even with mono!) has been such a blessing. We're just excited to ALL be together for a short staycation in June and then again for a full week in August. WOOHOO!!!

This is not a regular occurence, but little missy did stand up like a big girl in her bed the other day. I keep waiting for the day I will walk in and she'll be up waiting for me! She is also "army crawling" all over the place, but I'm not sure if she'll ever do the traditional crawl. She gets around like a champ and seems completely content with her mobility choices :)

So, that's us. The hardest thing lately is that I don't seem to have time for friends. Hardly at all. I am SO looking forward to my annual college girl's trip taking place in September, although I'll still be wearing the Mom hat since we think it's best for Selah to come along. Last year, with the uncertainty of Selah's arrival and adoption expenses, I didn't go for the first time ever, and I sorely missed it. I vowed that it would NEVER (if I could help it) happen again. But even though I miss friendships, I can't imagine life being any fuller with my beautiful, active, vibrant, tiring, energetic, silly children. They are the biggest blessing (and, besides, for those tiring times, I just found a great concealer at Sephoras :) )

Did I mention I LOVE this time of year!!!


williamandshelley said...

we are loving the new photos! Wow..what a swimming outfit - love the beach hat! and laughing at the jeep walker pics. we miss you guys!! i can't believe it's coming on 4 months home. come to texas and visit us! ok, not now, b/c it's too hot....but later :)

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

Kole looks like Ginny - she just lost her first two teeth. Great pictures.

sallee said...

Selah would look cute in a Poppy Dip!! I loved (and still love) the shirts we bought from you for our return home!! take a look.......sure enjoy your blog and the smiles!! blessings!! sallee

alisa said...

LOVE the goober smile!!!!