Tuesday, October 6

I love fall!

Our life continues to be slightly chaotic, but with a lot of fun times in the mix!!! Today was Owen's very first field trip to Thistleberry Farms with his Salem Preschool. I love fall! We had a lot of fun navigating the corn maze, jumping on the gigantic "pillow" and playing in the corn and hay playground (you should have seen Selah's hair after that little adventure :) )


Adam Cramer said...

Awesome pics! Hope you guys are doing well! We're gonna have to plan a Settlers night when I get back...maybe since I haven't played in a year you guys will finally have a chance to beat me! :-P

Liana said...

i miss your little girl....and you too! :) love you so much.

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

Love it!