Tuesday, December 1

World Aids Day and our Christmas Child

Today is World Aids Day. I am wearing my AHOPE t-shirt and thinking of our Compassion child, Mekdes', mother, who is HIV+. I am also thinking a lot about Selah's birthmom today and wondering what the circumstances were that led her to the decision to give her little girl up. I know I'm not supposed to use that term, but honestly, "making a birth plan" just seems so fake to me. Not in all situations, but at least in ours. Making a birth plan seems so formal, so thought out, so Western. Selah's birthmom wasn't sitting with a social worker or at an adoption agency. She was probably in a little hut watching her little baby cry from hunger. What an emotional image to ponder and accept. I realize with tears in my eyes that I've never really thought of that picture of poverty before. So heavy. While "giving up her little girl" sounds too harsh, it is what happened, in my opinion. And it is harsh. A terrible, harsh reality that comes along with the brokenness of the world in which we live. Aids is real. Poverty is real. Sorrow is real. May we all pause today and think on these things at the very least, and, hopefully, think of a way to engage in this horrifying disease that claims so many millions of lives and leaves millions more orphaned.

Speaking of poverty, we have decided to do something a little different this year for the Christmas season. I don't feel like our immediate family "goes all out" on Christmas, however, we are still spoiled beyond measure. With this is mind, we wanted to do something that unified us as a family and helped us to focus on those in need. Compassion International, through whom we sponsor a precious girl we got to meet last February, has a program this year called What I Want For Christmas. By signing up, we have agreed to pray daily for a little boy named Avisek from India. He is Kole's age and is currently awaiting a sponsor, along with 100,000 other impoverished children who have signed up under Compassion. We are praying for many things, but at the top of the list, that by the end of the month, Avisek has a sponsor that will give monthly and write to him so that he can feel loved and supported both emotionally and monetarily. The kids are really getting into it, already regularly praying for him at meals and bedtimes. Kole even asked if he could take his picture to school with him. The program officially starts today and I am already touched by what is taking place in our family. Please join our family in praying for Avisek and his family this Christmas season and/or go to Compassion and sign up for an "All I Want For Christmas" packet yourself! God cares for these kids more than we could ever get a grasp on. May we do our part. And, when we regularly fail, may He do what it takes to get us (me!) back on track.


Libby said...

I remember weeping as I prayed over you a few years back as we prayed for Selah's mom and the circumstances leading her to "give up" her precious child. Thank you for your thoughts and sensitivity Dan.

Yeah for your little boy from India and YOUR boys getting into it. I will pray for my neighborhood kids that they'll have loving families like yours offering such offerings as your prayers too.

shell said...

you are such a good mom!! i love this idea! hope you are well and miss you!

Susie said...

Hey Danielle - Thanks for the advice! Would you mind emailing me so I can ask you some questions?? I'm getting ready to start this protocol, but don't have a lot of time! monikerart at gmail dot com.

Thanks so much! You're kids are adorable!