Tuesday, May 18

A month in pictures

I found this note in Kole's backpack today. We've had to talk with the boys about the blessing of Daddy's work because he's so tired and in pain so much of the time and it's been hard for them. We've explained (well, I have) that it's Dad's way of loving us and providing for us and that we're so thankful God provided Dad a job even though it's really hard some days. We have prayed that God's faithfulness would be so clear to the boys in this season, and He sure has been showing Himself faithful. I thought this note was so precious.

I was laying peacefully with Selah on the couch after supper one night when in typical boy fashion, they all wanted to pile on top of us. Selah wasn't thrilled, but I thought it was a special moment and called from underneath the pile for Karl to record the memory.

This is one of the times a nice camera would come in SO handy. We have made quite a switch in our food eating. Thanks to Mom's example, I have always striven (is that a word?!?) to provide well-balanced meals and follow the most mainstream info--and some not-so-mainstream--as far as what's healthy and what's not (e.g. No to high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Yes to whole grains.) However, more recently, I've also been thinking of our food choices as an issue of conscience/faith. Directly related to that, our biggest change has been to swear off all meat not raised locally (NO CAFOs!), which in our current financial situation means no meat very often period. So far, so good. Especially when you have meals as good as this! It looked incredible and tasted even better. Positive elements: lots of colors, in-season produce (strawberries/asparagus/spinach sort of), some organics, two veggies and a fruit...and...my first time making pesto! Thanks, Sarah, for the great recipe.
Anyone intersted, watch the documentary Food Inc. Talk about powerfully convincing...and convicting!
Mother's Day. The boys got up at 6 a.m. before church to make this amazing meal for me: coffee, milk, toast, eggs, pineapple, and kiwi. I felt so loved.
Owen enjoying one of these mildly wonderful Spring days at the playground with his best buddy Kovan. Grandma Pat brought his shirt back from her recent trip to Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Me talking with my friend Kelsi at the church we've recently been attending called Hope. The sanctuary is amazing as they are a church who takes their "call to the nations" very seriously. All around the perimeter are the flags of the countries where they've taken ministry trips.

So, you can see, life is very full. And wonderful. And painful. And joyful. And....life.


krissilugbill said...

D~ I love you so much! you are such a great older sister! man, i am so lucky that I went from having no sisters to 3 amazing ones :) I loved seeing your month in pictures! That note that Kohl wrote is so sweet, you must keep it forever! Speaking of, we just got a not from him in the mail too, for a fundraiser for his school, which we would love to help with! my favorite part was the part where he wrote to sharkie and sharkette :) I absolutely adore the picture of you all piled up on the couch, that is a beautiful moment. And that food looks amazing! i want to come over for dinner! You have inspired me to watch food, inc. I have heard so much about it and i just have to see it. I am so inspired by your families new decisons. Also, you inspired me to start blogging :) I have the shutterfly blog for Lila as you know, and i thought it would be fun to have a more indepth one to write stories and such...here it is if you haven't gotten enough of Lila :)


and then I also started a personal blog too if you are really bored :)


Thanks for the inspiration! Please keep the blogs coming! i actually feel like i am up on your life a little :)

Jeremy said...

Way to go sis! I agree with Krissy that I really enjoy reading your posts because I feel up on things. One correction from my wife's post though: we will not be ordering any magazines. Tell Kole we would if we could. We are also a one-income family and living frugally these days (Krissy is similar to you in that she is an idealist). I love you so much!

krissilugbill said...

Hey D! I gave you a beautiful blogger award! haha kinda cheesy but i posted about your blog on my blog! :) it was passed to me so i then got to choose 10 blogs i think are beautiful and pass it onto them! i know you are busy so you totally dont have to, but if you want you write 10 things about your blog then find 10 blogs you think are beautiful to pass it onto. Then you can add a button to your blog! haha okay love ya sis