Friday, March 11

Let the good times roll!

The above and below shot are during our "sandwich."
The girls are the top bread(I promise, Selah is really not being traumatized.
She is trying to look like she's laughing, as instructed), Owen's the bottom. I guess that makes me the filling.

My dear friend Shelley showed up the other day...wearing the same shirt. C'mon.
We're very lovable dorks.
My 3rd grade class. Check out my fro! I'm giving Selah a run for her money.
Best decision I've made during these cold months. Africa completes me :)
(And this definitely qualifies as fun--just not the excruciating pain part)

Um. I'm not sure I'm allowed to post this, but I found it as I was scrolling through pics on my camera and it made me laugh. Twisted, yes, but my boys are just too funny not to include it in this post.

I've realized lately that I tend to be too driven. Which would be okay a lot of times because I really impress myself with how much I get done, but it also means I've found myself in this place where I don't have enough fun. I used to be one of the funnest people I knew! How does that happen?!? So, in light of this new discovery, I wanted to post some recent "fun" photos I have on my camera. Let the good times roll!


Rhonda Schrock said...

Hi, Danielle. That last picture cracks me up. It's a risky thing to let the kids have the camera, oy vey!

And that whole "driven" thing? The kiddos have a funny way of pulling us up short on that, don't they? "Mama, I need to sit on you!" That's how Little tells me it's time for me to stop typing, to leave the reports for just a bit, and to scoop him up.

Happy spring!


Carpenters said...

Such fun randomness of life! Your tattoo is amazing! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Fran said...

Love the pics! Partial of course to the shot of Kole and Selah. I so love that you have Asleep in the Light on your playlist!! I saw Keith Green a number of times, he had quite an impact on my life. Sandwich time....oh man, that takes me back... the Black home is definitely a FUN, happenin' place!

krissilugbill said...

haha i love that last shot. made my night