Thursday, March 10

TWO powerful songs.

I'm so glad I have such amazing friends who know good music. I wanted to pass along two incredible videos/songs that friends have posted this week. So, if you have 10 minutes, enjoy. The Jared Anderson song is just a great worship song posted by our amazing friend/worship leader/church planter Yemi (also on the board of Awake and Alive, I might add. He's a busy guy!) The second I found because of my good friend Shelley. We share a love and passion for adoption...among other things...and the Third Day song is a moving ballad on that.


krissilugbill said...

great songs sis! thanks for the share :) love you

Small Town Girl said...

I have had the privilege of playing with Jared in a band. He is a class act, talented, & in love with Christ. I was very impressed with not only his God-given abilities, but his heart.


Linda said...

Hi, Danielle, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so pleased to "meet" you and to learn about your blog and your ministry for Africans -- bless your heart! I'm going to let a friend of mine know about your blog and ministry as she, too, has a ministry in Ethiopia.

Blessings to you,