Thursday, July 14

June and 1/2 of July in pictures-totally out of order!

The birthday boy (Owen) is hidden behind the one girl that got invited to the party, but it was a wonderful birthday party at G & G's house: swimming and zip lining were the main attractions.
Thank you, Jesus, for my parent's house which did a lot of entertaining for us. This is Braden's double-digit party complete with fireworks, swimming, and baseball...among other things!
They warm my heart
Sometimes it's hard being a princess and not getting your way :(
What you CAN'T see in the greenery behind Kole is the copperhead snake that he discovered. Let me summarize: Kole: "Look! A snake!" Us: "Where?" Kole (moving a branch six inches away from the coiled, venemous snake's head): "Right here!"
Thank you, Lord, a trip to the ER was not the culmination of the above story. Rather, we just got some great pictures and a memory!
Hiking at the falls. In another year, I'm not sure she'll fit (or, more accurately, if we'll be able to carry her on rigorous hikes!)
Memories at the falls :)
Our big splurge of the vacation (besides groceries!) was renting the pontoon boat for a couple of hours to go fishing. We all had a lot of fun and caught some fish. And Owen got to use his new birthday fishing pole.
Mommy-Selah bonding time in TN!
Selah's first time miniature golfing. We bought a family pass with the money we got listening to a timeshare presentation and went golfing, I think, at least 5 different times!
The boys did so great in baseball this year. Braden would have made all-stars had we not gone on vacation. He definitely wasn't happy with us about that! But, he got over it after we had such an awesome time. He usually either pitched or played third or short stop.
Kole also had a great first year of "real" baseball. He was on Braden's team after getting moved up for his studdliness (Proud Mom's word :) ) and usually played second or outfield, but sometimes pitched, which improved greatly by the end of the season.
Underneath the Fall Creek Fall's waterfall!

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Love it!! What a wonderful trip and family time!!