Sunday, January 27

What a week/the Great Composer

This week has been filled with many ups and downs. Frankly, I have many good reasons for not having blogged. The two hugest (yes, I'm sure that's not a word) are that I can't stop checking the three families' blogs that have been in Ethiopia picking up their little ones this week AND I've been to the doctor three times (and, consequently, the pharmacy four times) since last Saturday. Even with Karl and my best efforts, the whole family contacted strep. Well, except Owen, but since he was on augmentin (another antibiotic) for a nasty ear infection, he's safe anyway. Then, there's the whole Owen-can't-stop-having-diarrhea-and-vomiting-from-the-strong-antibiotic-thing. That one may be worse than all the actual strep floating around our house. Ah well. Such is life, and while, I must admit, my anxiety has been a little rough lately, I do feel really thankful that at least we have doctors and medicine that will, at some point, make us well!

Now, I'm going to do a 180 degree topic change. I've been trying much harder to be faithful about my Beth Moore Jesus study. I figure I really need Jesus at this point in my life (I guess, though, when don't I?!?) so maybe it would help to make myself a little more available to be led. Ha! ANYWAY, so I have been reminded as of late how simply AMAZING God is at the details. Now, I'm sure there are hundreds and hundreds of times in my personal life alone where I don't see the big picture and how God has worked everything out for His glory. However, the amount of times when He does "peel back the heavens" and give me a little glimpse of His grand design makes me beyond thankful. He is so good at orchestrating things!!! Like the time this week when Karl and I were having a "discussion" and I was reminded of something that had happened earlier that I'd wanted to do and hadn't felt the right timing...and then, after some amazing prayer and repentence time (on my part!) together...the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Or our new friends, the Carpenters, and the story of how they ended up with their two precious children that are, probably at this very moment, sleeping in their own beds for the first time (I don't know if I can divulge the details since it is such an intimate thing, but trust me, it's beautiful!). Or, another adoption story, how our friends Adam and Carrie had dreams about these three children they would be bringing home from Africa (they had only agreed to two, God!) and how, low and behold, Homeland Security made a mistake on their approval and here is Abraham...even complete with an "A" first name to go with the rest of the clan! There are so many stories like these. "Coincidences" that are way too perfect to be only that; rather, they are perfect stories that have been mapped out by the master designer. Oh, let me do one more example from the Bible: have any of you studied the Jewish feasts? Oh my goodness! The way that these feasts, ordained thousands of years ago by God, were so perfectly fulfilled in the person of Jesus and His life (and death) here on earth. If you haven't, there's an AMAZING study for you to do.

So, you get the point. I had prayed that God would give me something to ignite my passion again for Him. How can this not do it? He is SO incredible. HE LOVES US SO MUCH! That's why he composes these great symphonies...his great love for us. So, I guess the real question is, why don't I trust him more?


kflyingcircus said...

ok, i haven't done jesus (wait, that doesn't sound right, 'cause i dig jesus, but you know, the study. . . i am doing psalms right now. . . can't wait for jesus. . . literally. hope you guys are all better soon!!!!!

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

I am right there with you?? I often wonder why I don't trust Him more after he has proven himself faithful so many times!

I hope your household will be healthy again soon!

Apryl said...

Isn't it humbling when God gives you a teeny, weeny, glimpse into something so wonderful? My kids and I took part in a Seder meal with a Messianic Jew--throughout the day I was amazed at how the whole meal points to Jesus.

Hope your family feels better (we too have experienced the nasty Been-on-an-antibiotic-that-is-killing-my-insides week).