Friday, February 13

Eight days and counting....

So, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and make my to do list for the next eight days on my blog. I thought this might also give people an idea of what needs to take place to make everything happen in fairly short order! I am one of those psycho people that likes to write things down even after they've happened to make me feel better, so don't mind the fact that I'm starting with Thursday. :)

Thursday, 2/12
1. Pick up upstairs rooms (after putting the kids into different rooms over the weekend)
2. Go through piles
3. America World travel conference call
4. Shop at Target for almost EVERYTHING we need for travel to Ethiopia and Selah's room
5. Go to Carrie's to pick up my amazing set of African-American hair products (Carol's Daughter) and get a mini-lesson. Also pick up money belt and large suitcase

Friday, 2/13
1. Take Karl to the airport at 5:15 a.m. (that's just so you feel sorry for me)
2. Dentist appointments for the rest of us at 8 (also so you'll feel sorry for me)
3. Receive unexpected GORGEOUS flowers from my amazing, far-away Valentine
4. Check e-mail and start lining up some meals for the week we're home
5. E-mail Lisa about prescription donations needed at the transition home
6. Write thank you notes
7. Library
8. Pizza and movie night on the couch with the boys :)
9. Put together mini bookshelf for Selah's room
10.Check United Limo schedule for Saturday
11. Print off documents needed to take to Ethiopia
12. Finish packing Selah's bag
13. Start putting donations in two duffels

Saturday, 2/14
1. Wake up feelings sorry for myself because it's Valentine's Day. Then, look at my flowers and realize just how good I have it. Call Karl and tell him :)
2. Clean nasty kitchen
3. Sweep and dust upstairs
4. Do something special with the boys (Probably from my Every Day a Holiday book)
5. Jenna coming over to be my substitute Valentine :)

Sunday, 2/15
1. Go to church (still up in the air :) We may take this Sunday off and do church at home)
2. Lunch with Alyssa and Eric
3. SABBATH!!! BE WITH THE BOYS!!! Resist the urge to do other things

Monday, 2/16
1. Babysit Brenna
2. Laundry
3. Pack my clothes/see what's missing
4. Bank
5. Grocery shop/meal plan
6. Send off last of One family t-shirt orders
7. Contact the health department to see if I can still get a menangitis shot. Schedule.
8. Get an izoom in case we drive to Chicago instead of United Limo

Tuesday, 2/17
1. Karl home :)
2. Babysit Brenna
3. Call Bristol St. Pediatrics about consent form to treat children form for Mom and Dad
4. Call Mom and Dad and as what they need while we're gone (meal plans, etc.), then make up appropriate lists to leave with them.
5. Do something special with the boys
6. Church

Wednesday, 2/18
1. Have Karl make copies of passports, credit cards, and flight itineraries
2. Have Karl begin to pack
3. While Shelley babysits, run to Lowes (door pulls for Selah's dresser and returns), pharmacy for scabies and dramamine, and donation meds
4. Buy other last minute items didn't find last week at Target
5. Don't forget to pick Braden up late from Math Pentathalon!

Thursday, 2/19
1. Buy remaining donation items
2. Finish packing donation and care package duffels
3. Sweep/dust the downstairs
4. Call Sharpline to make sure I can drop the van off there for work while we're gone

Friday, 2/20
1. Be together as a family
2. Reserve United Limo tickets or talk with Justin and Erica about parking at their place in Chicago
3. Last minute odds and ends
4. Pack carry-ons
5. Load luggage into the van
6. Clean all the bathrooms
7. Make sure copies and lists are on the counter for Mom and Dad
8. Library
9. Last pizza and movie night on the couch with just the "boys" and mom :)
10. Clean out fridge
11. Take van to Sharpline

Saturday, 2/21
1. Leave early in the morning for Chicago, then Dulles, and then on to Addis Ababa! Two days until we meet Selah!!!

You know, I'm glad I did this. There's a lot to do, but it looks VERY do-able when I break it down like this. I may or may not let you know how it's going :) If not, you'll hear from me (maybe I can even get Karl to write some thoughts :) in transit and in Ethiopia, as long as we can get an internet connection :) WE CONTINUE TO BE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kangaj1 said...

I remember these days! Your lists look totally doable. Praying for you in these last days. Can't wait to blog stalk!

Tisha said...

Woo Hoo!! This is very doable... you can do it! I am so excited for you.

Mary and Doug said...

So excited for you, Danielle! You can do it! Isn't it fun to be crazy busy in the anticipation of this life-changing event!!!

Are you going to be doing any more t-shirts? I'm going to need a few more!!!

Apryl said...

I'm so excited for you!! Your list is exhausting to read, but I'm sure it will all get done...even if it doesn't, the world won't fall apart :) I was writing thank you cards on the plane to ET, then promtly took 2 months to get them to people once we got home. I pray that you feel better soon!